Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. If you find these do not assist you, please feel free to CONTACT US and we would be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

Q: I have decided to send my head in for repair, what do I do next?

A: Print out the Service Request Form on the menu tab, or by clicking the link. Please fill out completely and mention what service you would like. If you have called, or emailed us to discuss any custom work, briefly describe what we talked about to jog our memory, or send a copy of the email. Make sure to send in the service request form with the head.

Q: How do I pack and ship my head or engine?

A: Find a sturdy box and use enough packing to tightly secure the head. All loose parts such as cams, valves, etc. need to be packaged so they do not touch the head, and are kept together in a bag. Exhaust studs, hose connections, spark plug tubes, and especially the gasket surfaces are prone to damage. UPS, Fedex and USPS have locations in most towns and can supply boxes and packing material; they can also create the label and send it off for you. Places like Kinkos and Staples can also offer help in sending packages off. You can also generate shipping labels online, and print them off yourself. If you are sending a complete engine; we suggest a plastic ice cooler (we send the cooler back to you), packed tightly. Please drain all the oils, making the engine lighter and less expensive to ship. We suggest UPS for any heavy package.

Q: Do you provide a shipping label? What about return shipping?

A: We do not provide a shipping label. You are responsible for shipping out the package to us. We include shipping back to you in the estimate. We usually ship back UPS ground, unless requested otherwise. You are more than welcome to provide your own return shipping label. We do not add “Signature Confirmation” unless requested otherwise. Please let us know if there are any special shipping instructions at the time on payment.

Q: What is your shipping address?

A: Our shipping address is

1141 East 540 North #6
St. George, Utah 84770

Q: When, and how do I pay?

A: For all repair services, we suggest sending in the head/engine first to have a complete inspection performed. After inspection, we will call you and go over any suggestions we have, and options based on your original request. Once a price is agreed upon we can do payment then. We can either do a credit card over the phone, a PayPal invoice, or a money order. We accept all major credit cards. Please know that the work gets scheduled and performed once payment has been made. We run all credit cards before work is performed; not time of shipment. (Money orders must clear bank before work is started on your head/engine).

Q: What is your turnaround time?

A: At the peak of our season, our advertised service packages are normally 7-10 business days from the time we receive the head to the time it gets shipped back out. Final repairs are not scheduled until they are paid for. Please call for updates on our turnaround times.

Q: How long do I have to pay for my head or head service?

A: You have 90 days to pay for the service before it is considered abandoned unless discussed with us otherwise. After this 90 days of no payment, no contact, we will dispose of the head/engine as we see fit.

Q: What happens if you determine my head can’t be repaired, or if I can’t afford the repair?

A: If we come to the conclusion that your head can not be repaired, we offer new heads, and sometimes have used cores. We can usually salvage what we can out of your head and put it in the new head to save on the cost. If you decided that you do not want the repair done, we can send back your head, would just need to pay for the shipping and estimate charge.

Q: How can I find out if Fastheads is a reputable company?

A: The best way is to check our eBay feedback and score. We are top rated with 100% customer satisfactions with 1720 services and products sold.

Q: Do you offer warranty on your work?

A: We offer a limited 30 day warranty against faulty workmanship from the time we ship. This should give you enough time to install and test. Most problems occur from improper installation. Please read the Common Mistakes and Warranty Policies. It includes items that void the warranty. Some of our packages come with a lifetime service warranty which is stated in the advertisement. We do not warranty other manufacturer’s products.

Q: What will I need to do to break in my head/engine?

A: You will be supplied with break in procedures if your head requires special instructions.

Q: Do you carry other rebuild parts and tools?

A: Yes! We are dealers for nearly every motorcycle product available and can beat most prices. We also offer advise on which producs work best with your head mods, location, and type of riding conditions.