10 Tips on Motorcycle Maintenance to Prolong Its Lifetime

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Motorcycle Maintenance

A motorbike, scooter or a moped is one of the most practical transport devices. They help you avoid staying in jams for hours. And if to compare repair and service cost with that of automobiles, a motorbike costs you much less.

Still, motorcycles require your attention, too, in order to maintain their best condition, at least because it influences the final price of a resale (if you ever want to do that). A bunch of not that complicated recommendations about the motorbike maintenance to make your iron horse serve you much longer is offered by the fastheads.biz website: our specialists serve engines professionally, so they know what to offer.

The lifetime of your bike depends on a chain of inexpensive or time-taking procedures. Don’t be too greedy about your time, and just follow the guide carefully to prolong the happy life of your machine.

Motorbike Tip 1

As automobiles, motorcycles require a complex of diagnostics every year, so you better find a solid and reliable mechanic man who can keep an eye on the health of your wheels, engine heads, and other details.

Motorbike Tip 2

The in-time oil change is essentially important, so never forget about that. Check its level every 4 or 8 thousand miles (depending on the model of your motorcycle). Usually, mechanics change oil during a yearly diagnostics procedure. Still, if you are new to the world of motorbikes, read the user guide carefully. Remember that oil consumption level is higher in summer, while in winter you can replace it a bit less often.

Motorbike Tip 3

Motorcycle brake pads’ service has the highest priority here: your life might depend on their condition. You should check them every 8 or 13 thousand miles, depending on the status of roads and your riding style. In cities with numerous heights and lows, it is better to check brake pads every 8 thousand miles. If the pads are less than 2 millimeters thick, it is time to replace them with the new ones.

Motorbike Tip 4

Tracking the tires is a must-be procedure of motorcycle maintenance. It is recommended to check their status before starting every long ride. Make sure there are no punctures, cuts, bloating or other damages that directly harm your safety. It is not advised to postpone tire replacement. Buy new tires as soon as the old ones get worn out.

Motorbike Tip 5

Clear the air filter at least every 8 thousand miles (its main task is to prevent dirt from getting into the engine). If you often ride in dirty and dusty streets, you need to clear the air filter every week.

Motorbike Tip 6

It is needed to change the cooling liquid that protects the engine from overheating both in hot summer and in cold winter once in two years. But if you are often to travel long distances or just to use your bike, then you, of course, need to change it more frequently.

Motorbike Tip 7

The plug oil helps the motorcycle to avoid negative consequences of riding bad roads and oils your transport details while moving, so it is important, too. You should check the plug oil regularly and not forget about its change when completing a yearly check.

Motorbike Tip 8

The motorbike chain, of course, is to be always well-oiled and put correctly. In fact, this detail is very durable, and does not require changes even after 20 thousand miles run. Still, pay attention to the chain’s condition when holding a yearly check to replace or tighten it up when necessary.

Maintenance Tips

Motorbike Tip 9

The service time of a motorcycle accumulator is two years. It has to be replaced after that. But don’t forget to ask your mechanic for a piece of advice before buying a new one. Remember, the load for the accumulator is higher in winter, so it requires a regular charge-up. Between 3 and 8 thousand miles of a run you need to check spark plugs: they often become the reason of different problems.

Motorbike Tip 10

If you own a new motorcycle and keep up with its exploitation guide, then it is about to maintain its good condition for long. Don’t forget about a yearly check necessity, ride carefully and do not neglect your mechanic’s help if you notice some malfunctions or unusual noises during your bike’s work.